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Lbit is a trusted platform for trading Bitcoins. The exchange provides fast order execution, low spread, and access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Cross-platform trading is realised via website, mobile app, and several API solutions. Safety of assets and data are backed by high security standards and advanced legal compliance.

To start trading on Lbit, follow the steps:

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Trade Bitcoin via our application, mobile app or using automated trading solutions.


Lbit exchange charges variable commissions of 0% to 0.2%, depending on the trading pair. Special conditions are discussable for high-volume traders. Volume-based trade fees are coming soon.

Lbit API

Lbit provides several API solutions for automated trading based on needs of individuals and institutions. REST API is a basic tool for quick access to Lbit market data and automated trade management. WebSocket API with full trading functionality is mainly used by professional traders. Finally, FIX API is the best solution for institutional traders to connect trading systems to a source of Bitcoin liquidity.

Key Advantages

  • safe cryptocurrency cold storage and financial viability
  • high liquidity orderbook and low spread
  • advanced order-matching algorithms
  • cross-platform trading via website, mobile app and API
  • easy deposits and guaranteed withdrawals
  • advanced and transparent reporting
  • professional 24/7 support team
ChefChef: cobratoontje, bpool is right ?
Anime love: GENES
Ajizy: ordinaryus, yes he is
Eqopy: ordinaryus, are you right? ledger and dice XD
Iqocaxab: dice is a only token given free to play dice game with
Crypto pirate: Greg1963, or putt in investbox?
Xuwyj: bpool, I did and also trade it on rur market
Fl3x1e: marcelosmile, read up
iqutes: not repeating
enered: bpool, NICE!
ZakesSully: ordinaryus, yes he is right
lundenc: cobratoontje, Can I sell my 7000000 dice for 0,07 btc ?
Anime love: cobratoontje, you are the best man in
Xuwyj: ordinaryus, send him one big kiss XD
Josh Bush: ordinaryus, lol, no u cant its just 10 cents
Josh Bush: cobratoontje, another bromance for ya!
Ibatic: Greg1963, XD
Mashiro Shiina: cobratoontje, you just too sexy I guess LOL
Godliness: cobratoontje, if I send you 7000000 dice Can I kiss you ?
Asased omyor: ordinaryus, HAHAHAHAHAHA
Higygali: big laugh from that!!!!!
Ajizy: cobratoontje, not french kiss only friend kiss
Cislunar: duongchinh1996, +1 , which price you expect?
Opowa: duongchinh1996, just to know if you get 777 or not XD
untut pacea: hello guys
Abderian: Any one guide me what will be the starting price of 777 token
Asased omyor: attaaar, 1 btc
ChefChef: so you have 777 btc
Dizojo: look for a lambo
Crypto pirate: attaaar, just speculations ...
Gingersnap: bpool, where r u from
Lover eth: Ldoge-waves pump, GO go
Qushen orint: 777 token go to mon 1$
Udemiqy: ordinaryus, why?
Beanpole: bpool, I want yo know you more
Par Potter: ordinaryus, this is not romantic chat it's about crypto, you misunderstand XD
Ryqyker: bpool, I am sorry my friend
pinchtawdry: week go
Alucard_oldman: yes coin
Saree Bogey: Profit =(Sell in Big Rise ) - (Buy in big Fall)
Jumek: kaltun, I can't find, is there something before?
cloudtawdry: Ldoge down today buy it
Mechgun2Pixii: bitcointalk(dot)org
ZakesSully: Any one doing robo trade
Rosahefa: /topic
Par Potter: Ashiqsayed1, yes
Rosahefa: Greg1963, still same :/
Par Potter: Greg1963, found XD there is something in middle ;)
KUKING: my bad
Abderian: [link]
Hobex: Greg1963, ;) I find out
Highbeam 444: good, sorry about that
Qidem: [link] php?topic=5331890.0
FmpectionKvetch: cobratoontje pungo
editen ashino: kaltun, you misunderstand they will not putt 5 BTC to trade they buy with 5 BTC tokens at any price which will be after 10min. ;)
Mashiro Shiina: bpool, yes
enered: and 51 is not enough to ib AND do the 20x ds daily
Celebrated Nature: Greg1963, that is very important .... but with 777 and min. is 0.01 which is 0.2 daily if you loss all
Psocy h3110 nytyk: bpool, min is .01? nice!
Ageguxom: Greg1963, did you do Action for IB? 77.7%
heanof: missed the airdrop
Liripoop: bpool, i dont care all i see is btc pumping at 777 :)
Bordereau: Greg1963, :/ at least you are not like others which did not get and write that will be on eth 1gwei XD
Ahipunyc: was given 51 but didn't think that was enough for ib with the 20x ds so been dice with it and down too much for ib now :(
Iqocaxab: kaltun, XD 10min.
AME AME: kaltun, not at your crazy price lol
Higygali: 50k sats are crazy ?
Animated: kaltun, I just now noticed that 50 is min. for IB XD
Paresis: imho it is
Beata Amor: bpool, yes what did you thought ?
Psocy h3110 nytyk: kaltun, I really dont know, part of 777 XD
Odobe: 50k means 100 sats for 1 777 .. its not that crazy
Ajizy: Greg1963, you should to hold at least 5 or 10 for IB action ...
editen ashino: bpool, am holding the few I have left lol
Qushen orint: Greg1963, did you get or not 777? XD
Zuduby: i calculated 50 777 in de IB make little 3k of 777
Enursin47: was given 51 from a friend
JJJ: de = the :)
Rosahefa: Greg1963, nice .. mark my word , its gonna be more than 100 sats
Animated: with the pump it probably will
Ererofou angeror: Greg1963, 10min. will decide XD
Ajizy: bpool, pm buddy
Chickie: 777 is xd?
Ryqyker: Hammad1, what is xd?
Alucard_oldman: XD way better
untut pacea: kaltun, +1
Cislunar: bpool, btw you are not from sri lanka are you ?
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: kaltun, no?
Opowa: 777 To The BTC
Mechgun2Pixii: kaltun, appreciate the offer but am going to wait
Qidem: DOGE 690 at binance
Asuna Yuki: KeyzerSoze, weet jij waar placeboo is ?
Ageguxom: kaltun, nope
Ageguxom: I wanna give my Dicecamp fellows a tip, can I do that?
cloudtawdry: zillionaireBTCZ, use codes
sasonofr delidyic: tip as in advice, mind you
tidel: Good morning. How are y’all doing?
Centaur: zillionaireBTCZ, muhahaha .. i thought tip as free gifts XD
Elf: Ldoge-rur, go
Qushen orint: Doge 686 on binance
Beata Amor: zillionaireBTCZ, you played dice thats were it went wrong
tidel: KeyzerSoze, yea were the highest price market for doge right?
Skymurai Bosh: jimjjohnsonjr, dont know if thats the hghest price there but it has a hell of a volume thre
kittytawdry: corona coin is immediately finished and finished, you see the volume is low, if you don't take advantage of this situation, you
Juice: 685 now on binance
Psocy h3110 nytyk: geoxsp, well, then the casinos are not wrong. It would be your own greed that is wrong.
Udemiqy: Okay, I admit it. I was so damn greedy:-(
Inune: zillionaireBTCZ, and the fact is the dice is worthless
Eqopy: Binance US is only at .37
heanof: Doge downnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Ageguxom: You can play dice with any coin
Mockkk: 650 is incomming haha
Centaur: Ok, C-
Gingersnap: fouzi124, Air drop was 777 in investbox and 77 in wallet
Eqopy: KeyzerSoze, ill buy at 60 lolol
Mockkk: jimjjohnsonjr, lol 669 now on binance almost there
Asuna Yuki: KeyzerSoze, yea their L2 is a great lead for here
Rosahefa: im L minus 5
Ofypopet: gbgilgen, investbox with conditions !! fuck !!
Sadboy: stoked for 777, pissed i missed airdrop
Asased omyor: Trading on doge all day, little bit of Queen on the back ground! Fucking love my life haha
Highbeam 444: only 50k sats ...
Commander: i think Doge wil go below 650 even this
Iqocaxab: I understand you won’t take advice from an L0, but take it from me.. remember cashing out gradually as you won.. Don’
pinchtawdry: :-D
Josh Bush: KeyzerSoze, why did you show your level ?
Mechgun2Pixii: kaltun, was wondering when your what lever with what amount of BTC haha
Opowa: its been in hiding for a few years al ready haha
Xuwyj: 660 on binance now
cloudtawdry: 659
Giviq: 655
Ezyqim: KeyzerSoze, alotta resistance here tho
Dizojo: opp no there she goes haha
Ageguxom: doge up to 1$
Vipersel5377: KeyzerSoze, its a bullshit that the doge rose this high ...
Eqopy: kaltun, depends on how you look at it
atheelea: Your L level is very important, if you have L2 and up, please show it to other users. It’s a vote of confidence to the
Mechgun2Pixii: zillionaireBTCZ, im minus 5
Ajizy: wallet for doge under maintanence im sure doge wont crash back to earth in the meantime
Josh Bush: Damn doge is dropping hard haha
Psocy h3110 nytyk: love it
Borbory Kelvin: KeyzerSoze, turkmusn
atheelea: ldibart, its not under maintencnae for me
Mockkk: No, I mean keep showing it all the time. Like me :-)
Asuna Yuki: ordinaryus, niye ?
Jumek: ooops hahha omg pardon im halllucinating i swear it said maintanence thanks man !
untut pacea: kaltun, im in dept
Greed: Where are all the L5 people. Come on!
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: zillionaireBTCZ, working on it lol
iqutes: Hopefully doge drops to 420
Cislunar: ordinaryus, muhahahah , Keyzer Soze Usual supecten bir sism ( film )
Bringbac Madcap: Whats the story with dice coin? Says mine is worth 0.7 btc, is this accurate?
Kannady: ordinaryus, ben degil Turk :)
Fl3x1e: Greg1963, one time I saw an L6. But he was mad because that’s all allowed him to show
editen ashino: kaltun, sen nereden :)
Alucard_oldman: ordinaryus, , saka saka .. memeleker ADANA :)
Enursin: memleket
tidel: adanalıyık adamın amına goyarık
Centaur: zillionaireBTCZ, l6 might be the highest they have set up
Giviq: I thiught this was for speaking english
Ofypopet: kaltun, and spanish
Xeseri: notes1, it is lol
Godliness: Yeah, that’s why he was mad since he wanted to show more
Crypto pirate: ordinaryus, LMAO
Par Potter: Doge going below 500?
JJJ: ordinaryus, kaltun diye hic su markasini goirmedinmi ?Ege tarafinda baya meshur :)
Iqocaxab: KeyzerSoze, doge to 20 sats...
Iqocaxab: kaltun, valla görmedim kanka
pinchtawdry: KeyzerSoze, not hoping , knowing .. it has to be ...
lundenc: notes1, why ?
Ajizy: lol and gone
Mashiro Shiina: ordinaryus, you guys arent dumping your crypto right?
tawdry blooded: tablepiece, spk turk
Psocy h3110 nytyk: tablepiece, lol
Bringbac Madcap: Turks VPN sales gone through the roof these last few days
Asinto: muz götee girsin
Fihamemo: ordinaryus, :) difficult language for me, was in Istanbul not so long ago really enjoyed as well as a road trip some years ago
heanof: Their own currency has gone to shit
Lover eth: *shopping
Kenobi: A bit like the Chinese capitalustcommunism
cloudtawdry: ordinaryus, there is no blockchain - how would You like to do it ? lol
Xuwyj: ordinaryus, keep it then
Ezyqim: I have 7000000
Paresis: ordinaryus, I will look after them for you
Mechgun2Pixii: ordinaryus, crypto millionair... ;-)
Fl3x1e: ordinaryus, your dice are worth 1 doge
Crypto pirate: BoastKit, I lost 7000000 dice for one click :))
Juice: ordinaryus, i gave up on understanding or messing w dice
Prince snake: so is DICE just totally useless or
cloudtawdry: jus sayin i like my odds better at a sportsbook lol
Anime love: i have a bunch and no idea what to do with them
Ageguxom: ryandemattia, either gamble them on dice or sell them on rue market and buy some other shitcoin and trade that up to a btc
Chickie: ah thank you
Elf: Testung red oh red